Monday, February 23, 2004

Sunday Dinner Menu

  • Gado Gado (p62) Indonesian Salad and peanut butter

  • Goreng Pisang (p177) Indonesia Banana fritters

  • Kunning (p170) Malaya Pickled Vegetables

  • Sayurmi Kari (p98) Indonesia Noodles with Mangetout, green beans (bean
    sprouts) and coconut.

  • Buah Tomat (p169) Malaya tomato chutney (no chilli powder so I used jamacan
    jeck and smoked paprika)

  • Pakari (p90) Indonesia Pineapple, peanut, coconut curry.

This Sunday's feast was from the Curry Club Vegetarian Cookbook by Pat Chapman. I did think about carefully choosing the dishes to cook. And then I thought I might careful choose one of the set menus to cook. In the end I carefully decided to cook the first set menu in the book.

Above all this was going to be the menu that proved whether we had any nut allergies.

As always all the ingredients could be found in the shops on Mill Road. Most of the veg came from the ever popular Al-amin, the mooli came from the nearest Asian supermarket and the beansprouts from the one further away. Oh and I picked up some japanese rice buns (mochi) cause I love them and because Ian hadnt seen them before.

Everything was really easy to cook. Preparing the ingredients was the humorous bit.

First of all I dropped the wooden spoon into the food processor while it was pureeing onions. Shards of broken plastic everywhere. I need a new food processor. Or perhaps just one of those tiny food mills.

Then I tried to dice the fresh pineapple. In the end I decided I was just like a big yellow sweet potato. All you have to do is peel it and poke the eyes out. I did wish I had Mum's pineapple peeler/corer.

And then finally there was the fresh coconut. My attempt at breaking it open with a hammer was a waste of time. Ian remembered his Ray Mears Survivial Skills and hacked off the husk with the old kitchen knife (I'm very glad we bought a new knife last week) and then poked its eyes out with a screwdriver so we could pour off the coconut milk. Then all we had to do was break it open and scoop out the flesh. Ha, ha, ha ha ha. It took an age. And then the flesh was meant to be pureed. Of course by this stage my food processor is a heap of broken plastic. Pah to recipes I say. Finely chopped is almost the same as pureed. Honest.

Still it all worked out alright in the end. The Gado Gado was scrummy as anything with peanut sauce always is. And the noodles turned out great. Nice and spicy and didn’t stick together like glue. The pineapple in the Packari was wild. I'm glad I diced it smaller than the recipe stated. Each piece was a real burst of flavour, bigger chunks would have been too much.

And the banana fritter were fab. Very easy to make, just dry fried on the good nonstick pancake pan like little scotch pancakes. Still not sure why custard powder was one of the ingredients but hey it worked.

I have made enough food for lunches and dinners for half of this week at least. So that’s good.

This weekend the randomly selected cocktail is the Barbados Sea Breeze.

Nice and refreshing. Made with pale rum, cranberry juice and grapefruit juice. Well that's the official recipe. Obviously we can't just follow the ingredients, that would be too easy. Had cranberry/raspberry juice in the fridge already so used that and used pink grapefruit juice instead of plain. I don't know what sort of difference, if any, this made to the taste but the cocktail came out much more red than the picture. I like cocktails like this that aren't too sweet.

Friday, February 20, 2004

I have mixed feelings about curry flavoured kitkats but hey McDonalds are going to start selling quorn burgers.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Why did no one tell me it was National Chip Week!!!!!!

Don't click on that link you low carbers, theres a graphic picture of a pile of chips artfully tumbling out of their pert little bag.

And where did I find this link? On the weight watchers website. They're very cunning, obviously we follow the link, we see the chips, we eat the chips, we spend yet more money trying to lose the weight.

Monday, February 16, 2004

Japanese Vegetarian Cooking

Sunday Dinner Menu

Agedashi Dofu - Crisp Coated Deep-fried Tofu
Harusame To Kyurino Sunomono - Spring Rain Noodles and Cucumber Salad
Horenso No Ohitashi - Spinach Rolls with Seame Seeds
Kakitama Jiru - Egg Drop Soup with Snow Peas
Gohan - Rice
Kyuri No Ichiya Zuke - Salt Pickled Cucumber

This weekend I made two cocktails from the pack of cocktail recipes that Emmet and Christina bought us for a wedding pressie (along with glasses and a shaker, they don't do things by halves!).

They were randomly selected so it was just chance that they both contained one of Ian's favourite drinks - ginger beer. And they were both very easy to make.

Sailor's Quaff is a mixture of dark rum and ginger beer with a little hit of fresh orange and a handful of ice. Very refreshing and tasty. Ian was a big fan.

Shandy Gaff turned out to just be lager shandy made with ginger beer. Perhaps unsurprisingly this tasted just like ginger beer. Of course it was only half the strength of a pint of unsullied lager but it was so tasty and light it was drunk in a third of the time.