Friday, June 11, 2004


Maybe I'm odd but if someone offered me a lollipop made from ground pearls in an attempt to pull then I'd have to point out that unground pearls would work much better.

Lollipop or jewelry. Its not a difficult choice.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Salmon Cheeks

There is nothing that isn't eaten by someone! How many salmon cheeks do you think you'd need to fill you up?

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Spinach and Potato Curry

I made the Spinach and Potato curry from the Food From the Place below cookbook tonight. It looked ok but it was pretty blah. Too much spinach and not enough anything else.

The potatoes were roasted with spices before being added to the curry and they looked gorgeous. I'm sorry I didn't just scoff them and then nip down to the Curry Queen to pick up a takeaway.

So now I have a lot of curried spinach. I think I'll freeze it in small portions. There's lots of things that a block of curried spinach wouldn't harm. And I'm sure I'll think of them soon.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Risotto con piselli, limone e ricotta

Tonight I made Pea, Ricotta and lemon zest risotto from the River Cafe Green book. Well, ok, the two shops on my way home from work didn't have any ricotta so I actually made Pea, Feta and lemon zest risotto.

And yes I do know that feta is nothing like ricotta. They certainly taste different and they have very different textures but hey they're both white cheese. Isn't that enough? Apparently it is. I didn't add any salt as feta usually has plenty and I pureed it down while I was pureeing the peas.

Wrong cheese or not it turned out lovely. Risotto can be a bit classy (certainly when I make it) so I also served a green salad with a nice sharp raspberry vinegar dressing.


Now if they start making atkins friendly chips I might be tempted to give it a try!