Friday, April 14, 2006

College Door

College Door, originally uploaded by rodillagrande.

One of the first rolls of Holga shots included a couple of frames of St Johns college in Cambridge.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

A Cat may look at a Crucifix

I pass this house on my way to the train station. Through their front window you can see parts of their collection of religous statues. And one day there was a cat.

I posted this photo on flickr and got the following wonderful comment from dr_loplop.

It hadn't really occurred to me before seeing this photo that Christianity and cats don't really mix.

I just did a search to see if the Bible mentioned cats (apparently it doesn't) and found this page in a big red font about why cats are the pet of the devil.

I wouldn't recommend it as bedtime reading, but the following passage made me laugh:

Additionally, cats practice many unclean habits not befitting a Christian household: coughing up fur balls, licking inappropriate body areas on their own bodies (inappropriate handling) and even, in some cases, on the bodies of their human owners (wrongful motive?), urination on the floor, vocal and blatant promiscuity (unknown to any other species, all others being endowed with Godly chastity and decorum) and widespread sexual misconduct without the benefit or sanctity of holy matrimony, even orgiastic practices, substance abuse of catnip (an intoxicating herb) which produces conditions akin to drunkenness, stealing food from the table, producing ungodly sounds, excessive playfulness and the employment of devices not known to have been used by Jesus, the conducting of its unholy business under the cover of the darkness of night, and so on.

And so on?!?

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Ian at the Strawberry Fair

Ian at the Strawberry Fair, originally uploaded by rodillagrande.

I messed around with this quite a lot in photoshop. I'm quite happy with the result but it is a bit over softened.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Roast Tomatoes

Roast Tomatoes, originally uploaded by rodillagrande.

One of my favourite dinners. Roast tomatoes with some olive oil. Add roast tomatoes and their juices to some hot pasta. Season with salt and pepper. Eat.