Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Another Monday another go at fitting into the ra-ra skirt. Still a wee bit big perhaps but a much better fit than last week. Unfortunately its much cooler here than it was last week so we had to change her back into a snuggly feeted baby gro pretty quickly. Perhaps baby gro under a skirt is this years hotest fashion. Perhaps not. Posted by Picasa

I'd like to point out that we did not put Alex to bed in this position. Squirmy baby! She must prefer the view out that side of the cot. Posted by Picasa

Baby Bjorn

So, today, to stave off Alex's "I am awake - where is the food?" reflex I thought I would try her in the Baby Bjorn. Just for the craic.

Now it looks like I'm going to have to do some stuff around the house as she gets bored looking at the same thing for any lenght of time! So thats good. But it is pretty amazing how big and heavy she is. Its incredible to imagine (after only three weeks) that I was carrying her around _all_ the time.

Oh look, she's nodded off! Now to find out if I can get her out of this contraption without waking her.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Personally I blame Prince Charles

So, when my milk was a bit slow in coming in the midwife recommended that I drink fennel tea to help things along. Duchy Original Fennel tea was procured from the Al Amin at the bottom of the street. And the milk flowed. And flows. And flows. I'm going to stop drinking the tea now. Before the baby drowns in milk.

Friday, June 16, 2006

The next time we took her out in the pushchair (Thursday) was too actually get the prescription filled (oh, we don't want to do too much in one day here). This time we got Alex all dressed up. That outfit really does fit her better than it looks - she just refused to straighten her legs out for the photograph. There is still some growing space in the hat though! 

There are yet more photos on Photos of Alex

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We took Alex out in the push chair for the first time on Wednesday. Very exciting stuff. We shuffled all the way to the GP to collect my prescription and all the way back. A major achievement for me. Alex was completely unfazed. She fell asleep as soon as we hit the street and stayed that way until we got home. I can imagine lots of walks in our future. 
She looks as though she's getting ready for a parashute jump.Posted by Picasa

Anne came up to visit us on Tuesday (how the week flies). Alex was well behaved for at least some of her visit. Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 12, 2006

Photos of Alex

In case you dont think that there are enough photos of Alex on this blog.

Where the stump fell off. Its not too bad. It was gooey for a day but seems to be drying up well. Posted by Picasa

The heat is something else at the moment. Alex is dealing with it by taking siestas. It seems like a fine plan to me and I think I'll follow her lead on this one. Posted by Picasa

No one would buy her sunglasses so she had to improvise. Posted by Picasa

First attempts at swaddling were not all together successful. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Rings on her fingers

My fingers are no longer swollen little sausages (well, no more than normal). I have put my engagement and wedding ring back on. This makes me inordinately happy.

Projectile poo

We had our first projectile poo experience today. We had just finished changing her when POP a squirt of her now trade mark turmeric coloured poo shot across the changing mat. Thankfully she is still small enough not to be able to power it any further than that. Yet.

We, of course, did the grown up thing and giggled.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Alex Asleep

Alex Asleep
Alex Asleep,
originally uploaded by rodillagrande.

Flat out and hands finally not flailing around she tends to relax into this hands in the air pose.

Alexandra Katherine Scott

Alexandra Katherine Scott
Alexandra Katherine Scott,
originally uploaded by rodillagrande.

Here she is in black and white.

Inappropriate colour for a bouncy chair

I did think that black was perhaps a bit too somber for a baby bouncy chair. But that was the only colour I could get at the time.

I was wrong. Black is the perfect colour. Specially for days when she is sitting in it and the nappy explodes and there is so much poo it fills the feet of the baby grow. Washed baby gro is now partially turmeric yellow. Washed black bouncy seat is still black. Bouncy seat wins.


Yesterday was a very big day for belly buttons in our house. Alex's umbilical cord stump fell off! Icky! And my belly button has popped back inwards. Hurrahs all round.

Now just to decide whether to keep Alex's stump and clamp in the lovely tin box that the teddy bear from Aunty D came in or whether to classify it as biochemical waste and have it incinerated safely.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Welcome Alex Kate Scott

Welcome Alex Kate Scott - a photoset on Flickr