Sunday, June 29, 2008

Event Photographer

I took some photos at Jake's Naming Ceremony yesterday. I hope mine are better than Alex's or I'll be very embarassed.
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Sunday, June 15, 2008

The County Fair

Alex pets the snake

Alex carries my crepe back from the stand.

Alex happy after eating my crepe

Alex attempts to make me taller

We had a grand day out at the fair. Alex loved all the animals but her favourite things were the fire engines, the tents (not anything in the tents - just the tents themselves) and the crepes.
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Friday, June 06, 2008

Thursday Toddlers Botanic Garden Outing





We took the wee ones to the Botanic Garden on Thursday afternoon for a bit of a change from the usual near by parks and playgrounds. No one jumped into the fountain or into the pond after the baby moorhens so I think we can safely call it a successful outing.
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Alex is Two





Alex celebrated her second birthday last weekend. This time there was no restraint with the opening of all the presents. I think she has been playing with everything she received. Thank you to everyone who gave her a present.

It's nice to know we managed to guess what she wanted. Of course she had told us she wanted fairy wings (and also a cow and zebra but we ignored that - no livestock until you are tall enough to do your own milking) and she has been making beelines for the umbrellas in shops for the last couple of weeks so that didn't require too much insight.

She liked all the cakes and ate a lot of icing. It is a balanced diet if you have chocolate and crisps, isn't it? Good thing we brought all that fruit for her to ignore.
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