Sunday, October 25, 2009

The House of Sick Girls


This week we have all been ill. Slapped cheeks, colds, laryngitis, ear infections, spectacular puking ... that sort of thing. Thankfully the week is over and so, near enough, are the ailments. I may soon have to use the phone myself instead of delegating it all to Ian.
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More Goldworthian Art


This week Alex is concentrating on the inherent contradiction of organic matter and formal distribution. Or leaves in straight lines as we more often like to think of it.
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Disco Baby

DJ Stephanie rocks the house.





We had a great weekend when Rosie, Deirdre and Saoirse visited. Alex was delighted to see her cousin and very excited about the sleep over. I ended up unable to speak for an entire week. I'm choosing to take that as a sign of a good time.
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Alex is in her Goldsworthy period.
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Antibiotics are magic. Saturday - unhappy baby. Sunday - happy baby.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Carolyn Visited



Ian's cousin Carolyn visited from Florida.

And Ian tried to fit into the tunnel.

The two events are only loosely linked.
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New Haircut


I got my hair done. It is a dark brown bob. Again.
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